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[MIC FEEDBACK] Good morning, patriots. You may be feeling a little woozy right now—that’s to be expected. For the last twenty-four hours, you have been anesthatized and placed in sensory deprivation tanks—that explains the pruny fingers!—while being intravenously administered lysergic acid diethylamide. There’s no need to panic—really, you’ll feel better if you don’t. Rest assured, your fellow bums, dope dealers, and degenerates have already forgotten about you, but your country—or the country you’re squatting in, as the case may be—will never forget the Crucible Program. Look alive, soldiers. [AUDIO ENDS]

HAZARD FUNCTION is a funnel mission for FIST about a human augmentation project funded by the US military. The goal of this project, called the Crucible Program by its creator Dr. Timothy Stillman,  is to “winnow” a group of test subjects using an intensive, lethal obstacle course, leaving behind a select few candidates for a proposed top-secret team of ultrahuman SEALs. Each player portrays three characters, plagued by amnesia and plucked from their homes, who are less powerful than a typical FIST starting character. 

While knee-deep in the horrors of the Crucible, you will encounter:

  • TACTICAL DUNGEON CRAWLING - Hazard Function comes with a referee-only map of the Crucible, a malicious maze with a network of ventilation shafts. The contents of the maze are generated procedurally as the players advance, with the aid of the ROOMS, HAZARDS, ENCOUNTERS, and ITEMS tables.
  • REALISTIC COMBAT SIMULATIONS - Jungles with laser security nets, offices packed with exploding red barrels, groups of civilian test subjects herded into a compactor room with methamphetamine-dosed rattlesnakes, a pitch-black room stalked by a single, starving zebra - these are just a few of Dr. Stillman's facsimile combat scenarios. Escape, then put him in the ground.
  • CHARACTER FUNNEL ACTION - Who will leave the experiment alive? Operatives start with nothing and must carve out their continued existence with the objects around them. Characters that survive will find their trait items somewhere in the Crucible and unlock their true power.
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsfist, funnel, OSR, PbtA, Print & Play, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game, War


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I've run HAZARD FUNCTION a couple times and played it solo (an interesting experience) a couple more. It's a delight. The speed at which characters meet their gruesome fate and the variety of possible situations keeps things from getting boring, and it means players have to play smart. I highly recommend it, though I do also recommend replacing the robots with humans around half of the time as they make for more dynamic threats.


ty for the review, so glad you like it!! also human replacements are a great idea 😈