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[STATIC]—couldn’t tell you where the first plant came from, hand to God. Maybe it just showed up one day, the most innocuous of visitors. Maybe every house has a plant like this, you just can’t see it ‘til something gets triggered in your brain and you take notice. Maybe I bought it and forgot. Everything feels a little bit out of focus these days, like I’m living in my own slice of time, suspended all green and sticky in the web of continuity—[MUFFLED CHITTERING, FEEDBACK WHINE]  [STATIC]—wanted me to water it. It begged me for it, pleading, in its way. Who was I to say no? [AUDIO ENDS]

GREENHOUSE EFFECT is a micro-bestiary pamphlet for FIST about a rapidly flourishing faction of evil, intelligent flora. From the twisted will of a single, anomalous potted plant, an entire city of verdant thralls could be born; perhaps this "innocuous visitor" has already found its way inside your home, your operating base, your terra cotta planters.

What you may find growing in your garden:

  • FREAKY FLORA - Eleven monsters penned by the always-incredible Ripley Caldwell can be thrown at your players at will or randomly spawned by a Gardener. You'll encounter duplicitous weeds, bubbling vats of human flesh that are cast across intruders, and swarming roses that burst to cover their enemies in a shower of blood.
  • FRESH TRAITS - When your operatives fall under the influence of the Malignant Flora, you'll have traits to match. Take GARDENER and become an aimless plant-thrall with pliant green skin, or gain MARIONETTE and become the puppet of an amicable tree. If you prepare the correct poultice, you can rid yourself of these alien effects.
  • TWO MODES - You can use the enemies in the pamphlet to create a scenario where the mission area has already become infested (e.g. a portal to Hell, a jungle poisoned by toxic waste, the Fractal Zone), OR you can drop this pamphlet into any unrelated mission where the players might reasonably encounter a normal potted plant, and the now-anomalous Potted Plant will slowly, surely spread its influence across the game world through its Gardeners. 
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Time for all those pyros to shine

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